My First Spa

I have been captivated with the tranquillity, serenity and escapism a spa environment brings since my 18th Birthday. My Mum surprised me with a day spa trip to Champneys Tring and I can remember it like it was yesterday. Spa 17

The grand building filled with the scent of aromatherapy oils and the calm nature of the staff instantly relaxing me. The comforting attire of a fluffy white robe and slippers (you can see the inspiration blog name) physically unwound me. Exploring the perfectly manicured gardens and eating your healthy lunch whilst still in your robe was the icing on the cake too. There was no rushing around, no phones, no televisions, just you and your guests enjoying each others company and it was perfect. This sense of inner calm was something that was new to me but comforting.

From that point on I knew this experience was something I wanted to try my hardest to invest in when I could. Spa’s are obviously a luxury and something I have to work hard for but I see them as investing in my wellbeing which to me is priceless.

spa 20The quality time I spend with friends and family on these little trips of tranquility also creates happy memories. One regular accomplice is my sister Jen, we are spa partners in crime. We are always messaging each other with deals and looking out for new places to try.

We both have emotionally charged jobs and we recognise in each other when some time out is needed…. cue booking spa. When we come out a spa we are not only relaxed and ready to face the world again but we have spent quality time with each other. Putting the worlds to right over a pedicure or cheeky hot chocolate in a zen garden is true therapy for us.

Who is your spa partner in crime?

Until next time breath in and relax,

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