Espa Instant Facial

Facials are officially my favourite spa treatment. The gentle nature of the cleansing process and the attention to detail is why I love them so much. I find them even more relaxing than a massage and I am addicted to the post facial glow. I was therefore intrigued by this product from Espa, the Tri Active Advanced Instant Facial.

Espa 1
I purchased the product at Whittlebury Hall Spa last August. It came in a joint pack with the Espa Overnight Hydration Therapy moisturiser and was priced at £60 for the both products. It sounds expensive but you really don’t need a lot of product per use so it goes along way. Plus if I can get the facial glow at home it was well worth it.
You use the instant Facial product after cleansing and toning but before your favourite moisturiser. You only need two pumps and you massage it in gently across your face (careful of eye area) and down your decollate until it is all soaked in. It is very light weight and has a beautiful aroma, which instantly makes me feel relaxed and think of a spa. Does it give me the glow I wanted, the answer is yes! My skin feels more hydrated, clean and glowing every time. It gives me the little boost I need after a long day in London when my face has been exposed to pollution and the relaxing spa like feel when I have a pamper night in. It is fit for purpose whenever you need that glow.I tend to leave it 5 minutes before I then apply my moisturiser and use it once or twice a week or when my skin really needs it.

Espa 2

If you are looking to treat yourself to one ‘at home spa facial product’ this would be my recommendation.
Click here for the ESPA Shop
Or maybe have a try of the product next time you are near a ESPA counter as they may have a deal like the one I received.

 Until next time breath in and relax

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