My Wedding Prep Face Routine

FlowersWith the big day fast approaching I wanted to share my pre wedding face routine with you all. I have always been very lucky with my skin (something I don’t take for granted), I do have blemishes but spots are few and far between and are mainly hormone induced. I have always therefore tried to maintain it by taking good care of my skin.  However for the wedding I wanted to make sure I maximized all the products I have been using to get the ultimate benefits.

I didn’t want to suddenly introduce lots of new products to my skin just before the big day in case they didn’t agree with me. So here is what I have been using since January to help me get my wedding glow!

CleanserL’oreal Fine Flowers Milk

This is a light and soft cleanser that has a rose and jasmine aroma which I use to cleanse my skin with a cotton pad every morning and evening and to take off my make up.

tonerL’oreal Fine Flowers Toner

I follow the milk with a couple of splashes of this toner on a cotton pad to invigorate the skin.

Face washL’oreal Pure Clay Purity Wash

Every other day I use this wash with a warm flannel for a deeper clean of my pores and skin. It has a creamy texture and I think it smells like cucumber so it’s nice and refreshing.

Hydra GenuisL’oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water

I started to use this rather than my usual moisturizer because I found it gave my skin much more of a moisture boost. Its super invigorating and smells fresh and clean. As you can see I have practically use it all already, need to buy a new one!

Bobby BrownBobbie Brown Eye Moisturizer

I discovered this product through a BirchBox last year. I only need this small pot as just a tiny amount is needed to be enriching around the eye area. I dab it gently around my eyes every other night.

Face maskL’oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask

I have been using a couple of masks from this range but my favorite, unsurprising considering how much I chat about wanting the glow, is this one. It isn’t to drying and always leaves my skin looking refreshed as it is my weekly exfoliator too. I use it once a week.

Espa 1Espa Tri-Active Instant Facial

I love this product so much I have even written a whole blog post about it. Check it out here….


espa over nightEspa Overnight Hydration Therapy

This intense overnight cream I use only once a week just before bed. You only need a small amount and you massage it onto your skin until it turns white. You do look a bit ghostly but it is well worth it when you wake up super soft!


Last but not least I have massively upped my water intake to ensure my skin is well hydrated.

I would love to know what your current skin routine is and if there are any products you could recommend for me to add to my routine after the wedding. Home Spa Pampering!

Until next time breath in and relax

One thought on “My Wedding Prep Face Routine

  1. Oooooh I’m very intrigued by the fine flowers range – def be buying that! My cleanser is just about out so was wondering what to try next! Skin is quite red at the moment so hopefully will calm it down – will keep you posted! The aloe Vera water looks interesting too, may have to give that a go. Thanks!

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