Our Wedding Day

wed 11

I can only describe our big day as truly magical. After all the gloomy, cold, grey days 2018 has given us the one day the sun came out was the 14th April my wedding day.

I therefore wanted to share some of my day with you and of course some photos!

I was awake around 4am unable to sleep due to pure excitement. The biggest day lay ahead of me and I was beyond excited to marry my best friend.

By 7am I decided to take a walk of the grounds with my sister. The serenity of that morning will stay with me forever. The mist rising from the ground from the sun burning its way through the clouds. The birds were singing and deer navigated their way through the old oak trees. My nerves instantly diminished and I felt calm and content.

Taking time out to stop and take it all in was something I told myself to do throughout the day as I knew I wanted to remember everything.

My bridesmaids and Mum made me feel at ease all morning, having a laugh and sing song to many a cheesy song whilst we had our hair and makeup done. To have these special people around me to support and cherish the special moments of that morning was so precious.wed 18

wed 16

It was so lovely to be pampered. I have never had my makeup and hair done professionally before so I made sure to enjoy every moment. And of course… we had robes and slippers!

wed 12

Getting in my dress was beyond exciting, a dress I will love and remember forever. I felt like a princess.

Wed 19

wed 17

The nerves started to kick in when me and my Dad got to the top of the staircase before making our entrance. I remember I started to shake but my Dad made a joke and my bridesmaids giggled and all the nerves disappeared. The classical piece I had chosen began to play and I took my first few steps towards my husband to be. It was truly perfect.

wed 10wed 13


Until next time breath in and relax
Victoria … The New Mrs Camp!

*Photo credit to Chris Boland our amazing wedding photographer https://www.chrisboland.com/





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