My New Favourite Face After Sun

I always enjoy trying new skin products, there is nothing more satisfying then adding something new into your routine that makes you glow. With so many products out there and so many coming onto the market every day it can feel a bit over whelming. I therefore think about a problem I have with my skin and then try discover a product or two that may help.

With my honeymoon to the Maldives just around the corner I wanted to try find a solution to suns effects on my face. My nose always catches the sun and goes red and my skin dries out quickly.

Dec 3

I have never tried products from Decleor before but have seen lots of bloggers feature the brand. I therefore had a look to see what they offered and I discovered their Aroma Sun Expert. It is a small pot of high repair after-sun balm.

Dec 1

After my first day in the sun I opened the pot and I was a bit nervous. You have to mix a small bit of the balm, which felt a bit greasy, between your fingers before massaging on your clean face. I was worried the greasy consistency may be too rich for my face and I would come out in spots but how wrong I was. My skin lapped up the moisture this balm gave and honestly made my skin glow. It instantly soothed any delicate sun damaged patches on my face and made my skin feel amazing. The scent of it is also so relaxing and luxurious.  I used it religiously every day!

dec 6

My only advice on this product is don’t expect to be able to put make up on straight away after as it will just wipe off your face. Take 10-15mins to enjoy the soothing and moisturising balm before adding anything else.

I bought this balm from Look Fantastic. It was £28.80 so not the cheapest after sun out there but when it comes to your face I think it is worth it. Plus you don’t need much per application so you will get a lot of holidays and sunny days out of it.

Until next time breath in and relax




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