Our Maldivian Spa Experience– Velassaru Resort

Slipper rating:

Value for money – 3/5 slippers

Facilities – 3/5 slippers

Ambience – 4/5 slippers

Treatments – 5/5 slippers

When choosing a honeymoon resort one of my criteria… as you can imagine was for it to have a spa. Velassaru in the Maldives was the one. Upon arriving at what can only be described as paradise I was keen to get a treatment booked it to start off the week of pure relaxation. I even managed to persuade my husband (love saying that word) to join me for a visit to the spa. We booked an hour long Swedish massage.

Mal 6

Upon arrival to the air conditioned water bungalow which housed the spa we were greeted with cold flannels and ginger, honey and lemon juice. This treat awakened our senses. We were then escorted to the spa area, which took my breath away as soon as I saw it. Behind on the loungers lay a large whirlpool with the most perfect view of the Indian Ocean. The pool was cool which was welcomed in the 32 degree heat.

Mal 3

We were given a locker, robes and slippers for our visit. After some relaxation in the sunshine and whirlpool we were taken to another water bungalow for our massage. The room was filled with a beautiful fragrance and the oils smelt so soothing. We could hear the sound of the ocean lapping up against the bungalow, it was so calming. The massage was divine and definitely helped to get rid of a few wedding stress knots in our shoulders.

Mal 15

After our treatment we were escorted to their relaxation room and served with a small bowl of melon pieces and a mango sorbet. The room was full of beds all with an incredible view of the ocean. It was beyond relaxing and a moment I won’t forget….

Mal 16

Mal 4

Mal 11

Later in the week I booked myself in for the 25 minute refresh facial. The same routine applied before the treatment. The facial included some features I hadn’t had before which was interesting to try.

Mal 17

Once I lay on the bed and closed my eyes she lightly sprayed scented water over my face, This was so invigorating and gave my sun kissed face the cooling it needed. The therapist also used a foaming cleansing in the routine which felt gentle but thorough. I am tempted to try one now I am home in my own routine.

Mal 8

Why I like this spa:
Pure luxury
Its scenic features
Top notch treatments
Perfect for couples

This spa just like the resort was pure luxury and as a special treat was well worth it. Take me back to the golden sands, the sound of the ocean and the serenity of the spa.

Until next time breath in and relax

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