Air BnB Home Spa – Honeymoon part 2

We have been big fans of Air BnB for a number of years so when we wanted to find a quirky luxury pad for the second part of our honeymoon on unique days it was our first port of call.

 bnb 4

Adams Lodge near Leominster was our final choice. This luxury one bed gate house located in acres of perfectly polished estate gardens was not only suitable for us but also our pooch too who came with us.

 bnb 1

In the garden of this little house of tranquillity was a sauna and a hot tub which as you guessed was on our criteria. To have our own private place to pamper and relax was divine.

 bnb 3


It’s not surprising I made full use of them every day. The hot tub was constantly at 39 degrees so you could hop in any time and the sauna you just had to switch on an hour before you wanted to use it. I was surprised how comfortable the hot tub was as it an inflatable one rather than plastic. They provided towels for the spa facilities but you did have to take your own robe.

 Honeymoon 2

If you are looking for a private luxury home spa I would thoroughly recommend this retreat!

You can book via Air BnB or direct here:

Until next time breath in and relax

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