Kiehl’s Glow Formula Skin Hydrator

Kiehls 1

I instantly fell for the marketing of this product, I saw the word glow and that was that. I was ordering this product straight away. As you will know from my previous blogs I love facials and the glow you get from them so any product that can promise achieving a glow from home I am game for trying.

I ordered the 50ml bottle for £30 on their website and I was pleasantly surprised when I was given the opportunity to choose three samples to try along with my order. I will be sure to write about those I choose soon!

Keihls 2

I have been using this cream every morning for the past two weeks.

The cream is thick in consistency and peachy brown in colour. It has a slight shimmer to it and reminds me face bronzing gels you get at the make up counter. But when applied you don’t get that colour coverage but more a glowing sheen.

The smell reminds me of sweet cakes, I can’t say I can pick up on the pomegranate smell they suggest. But it is pleasant none the less.

My face is left silky soft and glowing in appearance. I think this is more of a summer moisturiser than a winter one, although be careful as it doesn’t have SPF in it. I feel it wouldn’t be enough for my skin hydration wise during the colder winter but for summer it is just the right amount. This product also suits the summer skin care trend of barely there make up and glowing skin.


It isn’t as refreshing as some of the other moisturisers I use but for days when my skin needs a bit more glow I will definitely continue to use in it in my routine.

You can order the product clicking here

Until next time breath in and relax



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