What I do to unwind


Selfcare is a phrase which is becoming increasingly more prominent in the news and I am so happy that it is. We are so busy in our everyday routine of life that we often fail to stop and look after number one.

I noticed this in myself during the wedding planning stage of my life. I was so immersed in work and planning I would sometimes forget to take a step back and look after myself.

Sadly and unrealistically I can’t go to a spa every time I want to unwind. I have therefore had to look at what other activities I enjoy and can draw upon.

Walking the dog


I am lucky enough to be the proud owner of a very fluffy cocker spaniel who loves walking in the rolling countryside that surrounds our house. The fresh air, the relaxing bird song and exercise helps clear my mind and be in the present.




Fresh flowers


I adore fresh flowers. They brighten any room and help bring the ambiance of the countryside into the house. I enjoy picking a bunch and arranging them is an art I find very therapeutic.







My friends know how much I love a magazine. I always buy far too many at the airport before a flight, I have a magazine subscription to Women’s Health and always turn up to social occasions with my recycled magazines to give to friends and family. My current new favourite is Country Living. They make me stop, put down my phone and are the perfect accompaniment to a coffee.




I love following online yoga videos, my favourite is Yoga with Adriene (you can find her on You Tube). The incredible stretch you get with the exercise and the concentrated breathing helps calm you instantly. The practices are short so you can fit them into your busy daily life, taking some precious time for yourself.


spa 31

Of course pampering had to be on the list. Great pleasures can be taken from the smallest indulgence. From the smell of an incredible body lotion, using a new shampoo, hydrating with a face mask or just putting on fresh pjs and snuggling in your white robe.

My advice seize any opportunity you can to look after number 1!

Until next time breath in and relax

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