My first try and review of an at home facial peel!

e7.jpgThe Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel was my product of choice for my first home peel review. If you are like me and a bit wary of the word peel, you needn’t be with this product. The images you see of skin flaking off and redness with other peels are not something you will experience with this product so don’t give up yet!

It claims to:  “Exfoliate and purify tired lacklustre skin. Non Abrasive, mild Papaya Enzymes and Pineapple extract gently work to refine and smooth skin.”


The small 50ml size of this product made me think you don’t need much product per application and I was correct. A small amount goes along way. Unlike a clay mask where you smother it deeply all over your face you only need a thin layer of this.

It comes out a peachy colour, is super soft and smells delicious. Upon massaging it gently into your skin (avoiding the eye area) the cream turns clear and has a shine about it. Its clear nature definitely helps avoid those strange looks you get from your partner when you normally have a green monster looking face mask on.


Leave the product on for 10-15mins.  Plenty of time to flick through your favourite magazine and have some ‘you time’ whilst you enjoy the sweet aroma of the peel.

When the time is up gently wash the peel off with a cloth and warm water.

The results left my skin with a healthy glow and super soft. I actually felt like my skin didn’t need moisturiser afterwards that’s how nourishing the peel was.


If you are expecting dramatic peel results this isn’t the product for you. Like I said at the beginning it doesn’t flake away your dead skin. But if you want a nourishing treat for your skin one a week this may be the product for you!

I brought this product at a Champneys Spa but you can buy it from the Elemis website for £33:

Until next time breath in and relax

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