My current morning skincare

Morn 9I wanted to share my current morning skincare products with you, as it includes a few new ones I have been trying recently.

Before I even get out the cotton pads I always drink a pint a water to hydrate and splash my face with cold water to awaken my senses.

I really enjoy taking the time in the morning to look after my skin. It gives me some breathing space before the busy day begins.

Morn 8I start with the Simple Foaming Cleanser, it is very light and soft but does leave my skin feeling a bit dry when I rinse it off, so I am quick to follow it with the L’oreal Fine Flowers cleansing milk. This also helps to remove any mascara residue that I may have missed the night before.

Morn 4

Proceeding the milk is a new toner I am trying, the Garnier Skin Active Rose Water Toner. It is perfect for this time of the year as the light floral scent makes me feel like I am in the garden on a sunny day surrounded by flowers.

Once the toner has dried I use my Jade Roller which is the best new addition to my routine. Check out my blog post which I wrote all about this super star product.

After the facial massage I use a couple pumps of the Kiehl’s Glow Formula for instant hydration.

Morn 7

If I am wearing make up that day I will then use the Olay Firm and Lift Serum which acts as a primer for my foundation. It is lightweight, glides onto my skin and holds my makeup perfectly. This was my first ever serum and I am very impressed with its results. It is reasonably priced and now a permanent fixture in my makeup bag.

Last but not least I smother my lips in the Boots Strawberry lip salve which smells delicious.

That is, it! What is your morning routine? I would love to hear about some more products I can try.

Until next time breath in and relax



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