My first Serum – Olay Anti Wrinkle 2 in 1 Firm and Lift

I discovered this serum on one of my regular raids of Boots. I always enter the store with the intention of only coming out with products I haven’t tried before and this was one of them.Morn 7


I have been using this product for over a month now so thought I would share my thoughts. As the title of this blog suggests I am new to serums. I chose this one in particular because of its reasonable price point and the fact it suggested using it as a primer before makeup. I use primers on my face every time before applying my foundation so I knew I could fit this into my current routine, however I have never used a primer in a serum form before.


In simple terms… this product is a real winner! From first use I was impressed by its silky application, smooth non greasy texture, surface coverage and the way it made my make up stay. It is affordable but the texture and results feel high end.  It doesn’t have a perfume but that’s not a bad thing. I find you only need one pump per usage, which means it lasts longer than I expected.

new 1

As for the anti-wrinkle claim it is too definitely too early to say if it has any long term results but it does stop your make up from creasing which can make wrinkles appear more prominent so in the instant it works.

If you wear foundation regularly then this product is for you!

Until next time breath in and relax

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