Aldi supermarket skincare- first impressions

Aldi 1

I don’t know about you but I don’t tend to buy my skincare at the supermarket. Lets face it most of the time you want to get in there and get out, it does not have a calming ambience for choosing skincare!  However I decided to break the mould and headed to Aldi to see what skincare they had on offer.  I had heard positive recommendations via instagram so thought id give it a go and report back to you.

Two weeks ago I picked up the Lacura Q10 Day Cream, Q10 Renew Anti Wrinkle Night Cream and the Spray Moisturiser for Dry Skin.  My first shock was the price! £1.45 for each face cream and £1.85 for the spray moisturiser. Compared to other high street skin care this is very reasonable. The cost however did make me alittle  dubious about its effectiveness.

Aldi 4

First up the day cream, what I love about this product is that fact it has SPF 20. As you know I have a high risk of skin cancer in my family so I am always a bit obsessed about  SPF. The texture of this cream is very thick, a little product goes along way. Although this thickness does give it a more luxurious feel it does not make applying make up very easy. I therefore recommend you apply it at least 30 minutes before applying foundation to stop it sliding off your face. The smell reminds me of Nivea products which is comforting.  If you are looking for a basic day cream I would recommend it, especially with that price tag.

aldi 3

Before bed I have been using the night cream, applying it 30 minutes before I use my favourite Loreal face fake tan. Like the day cream it is super thick so you don’t need much to feel like your skin is hydrating. The scent is pretty much the same as the day cream which I found disappointing. I like to have some sort of soothing aroma with my night creams to help relax me before bed. It is too early to tell if the anti wrinkle element works! Would I buy this product again? Probably not. It is too similar to the day cream and doesn’t seem to nourish my skin as much as other night creams I have used.


aldi 2Lastly the aloe nourish spray moisturiser. I’m sorry to say this product was the worst of the three. It is very watery, had very little scent and didn’t nourish my skin at all. It does spray evenly but it just felt like water on my skin. I could be biased as I love body butters but I do like other spray moisturisers so I know they can be great. Sprays do make moisturising quicker and easier to do your back but I would not recommend this product if you were on the hunt for one.

I haven’t been totally put off trying other products in the Aldi range so who knows what I may pick up next time. Have you tried any supermarket products you would recommend?

Until next time breath in and relax

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