Silk pillowcase review

silk 2

I have always loved silk pyjamas. They make me feel super feminine, luxurious and they are more popular with my husband than my cotton nighties! So when I saw beauty enthusiasts talking about sleeping on a silk pillowcase for skin and hair benefits I was intrigued.

We have Egyptian cotton pillow cases which are pretty soft but, boy, they have nothing on the silk number I bought. I purchased a white silk pillow case from Amazon for £8.99.

For your hair the silk is supposed to help control your scalp sebum (oil). Cotton pillow cases soak up the oil making your sebum glands over compensate to replace it unlike silk which doesn’t absorb this oil. The silk texture also helps prevent fiction which can enhance split ends.


Your skin is supposed to benefit from the reduced friction and pillow marks (we have all woken with awkward lines on our face).  In addition to this the supersoft fibres stop the absorption of your facial oils which can lead to dry skin.

They are also naturally hypoallergenic which is a massive bonus!

SILK 7I have only been using the pillowcase for a week but I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. It is a game changer. Not only is it super luxurious to lay on but it is a beauty win. The biggest benefit was being able to go to bed with freshly washed hair, something I normally dreaded.  I used to wake up looking like a crimped lion but not now. The pillow case tames my hair and I wake up looking more groomed.

My skin has loved the texture which no longer leaves me with crease marks. It is also cool to the touch which is great in this hot weather.

I have just taken it off my bed to wash, I’m praying it washes well and stays as silky. I will be sure to let you know!

I loved my bed before having this pillow case and all it has done is make me love it even more. I have slept so soundly since using it and will definitely invest in some more. My next guinea pig for it is my husband to see what he thinks.

Let me know if you give it a go!

Until next time breath in and relax

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