My husband reviews skincare

I already have him hooked on silk pillow cases so I thought why not get him to join in the fun of reviewing skincare.

child 1

The product in question for his review is the Childs Farm Moisturiser for sensitive and eczema prone skin. Having had eczema from a young age he is thoroughly in the flow of having to moisturise every day. His usual creams are pretty clinical and are non scented but every day usage is vital for his skin. We saw rave reviews of the Childs Farm cream, which is available in Waitrose, and thought it was worth a try. It was described as being a miracle cream with many of reports of people claiming it had completely cleared their eczema.  Did it achieve this expectation?

Sadly the best thing about this cream was the scent, grapefruit and organic green tea. After having to use non scented creams this was a refreshing change for him. Specifically for the summer months the smell was refreshing and uplifting. The ability to improve eczema however sadly didn’t come to fruition. The texture wasn’t thick enough to have an impact and even with frequent use it didn’t reduce or clear the eczema.  He has had eczema since a child so it could be that his eczema is too severe for this type of cream to have an impact and therefore it may work on more mild cases. It is at a price point of £3.99 that means you could give this product a try. However for my husband this isn’t sadly a life changing product.

Are there any eczema products you recommend?

Until next time breath in and relax

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