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When looking for new spa days I came across a workshop that excited me, the ESPA Summer Skin Facial Workshop at Luton Hoo spa.

Since facials are my favourite treatment at a spa I was keen to learn some techniques that I could use at home. It was great value at £20 per person and was from 7pm-8.30pm with around 20 people in attendance.

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The workshop was hosted in a room next to the spa which had a relaxed ambienance. ESPA candles were burning and soothing spa music playing. Every guest was treated to a glass of champagne on arrival and some canapés.

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The itinerary for the evening involved having a skin care consultation, choosing your favourite scents, followed by performing our own bespoke express facial whilst learning facial massage techniques including a guided demonstration of yoga facial massage.

We each had a place around the table with a towel, mirror, takeaway information sheets and a pen for making notes.

The workshop was hosted by a really lovely lady from ESPA and two beauticians from the Luton Hoo spa. They were super friendly and very informative. I learnt that 98% of ESPA products are 100% natural and they are all produced in the UK. ESPA has only been making skincare for around 15years.  All products are produced with the impact that scents can have on wellbeing in mind.




First step of the facial was to cleanse. We used the Optimal Skin Procleanser, a 3 in 1 cleanser, exfoliator and mask. We applied the cleanser onto damp skin and were taught how to make sure we applied in circular motions to ensure the Jojoba Spheres melted onto the skin. These are little beads that help exfoliate before melting. It was good to hear that they dont contain any microplastics. We rinsed with a damp flannel but were informed that you could leave this cleanser on for 15 minutes to allow the mask aspect of it to activate. This cleanser smells sweet but refreshing. The spheres did feel a bit strange at first but once they melted my skin lapped up the moisture. The cleanser is sensitive enough to use every day which surprised me because of the beads but I could see how it would be a great everyday cleanser because it is so thorough. We all had glowing faces after the application and my Mum and Sister loved it so much they both purchased it at the end of the workshop. A 100ml bottle costs £32.00 (we also got an additional 20% off discount from the workshop)



Next up was the Spafresh spritzing toner. We were asked to smell two different toners and whichever one we were first drawn to we should use. It was between Balancing Herbal and Hydrating Floral (which I chose). You didn’t have to spray the toner directly onto your face you could use it on a cotton pad instead. But since it has been so hot in the UK right now the spray was beautifully cooling. They explained toners should be seen as a second cleanse and are very important to include in your routine. The toner is £20 for 100ml.





Next up was the Optimal Skin Proserum Facial oil. I have never included oils in my routine before and have always been nervous to use them in case I break out in spots. I was reassured by the ESPA representative that the oil compliments the natural oils on my face already and just helps to moisturise rather than clog.

With the oil on our hands we were taken through the 17 facial pressure points we all have on our faces. A pressure point is an area on the face that when pressure is applied , helps to release stored tension in the corresponding organ or system. On each point we had to use our index fingers to press down firm for 3 seconds on a exhale breath then pulse three times. Starting at pressure point 1 and working towards 17. It felt strange but once I relaxed into it I could understand the benefits.

After the pressure points we learnt about facial lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic drainage should be done with feather light, slow strokes towards the lymph nodes. This helps to drain toxins and reduce puffiness. You can see the movements below that should be performed three times each. I found this stage very calming and helped me be mindful of my body.

The oil is £59.00 for 30ml.

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We used the Pro Moisturiser which I already own. You can see my post on it in my evening routine blog:

55ml £37.00


Finally was the Pro Defence SPF 15 which should be gently patted over your face and all the way down to your nipples to ensure ultimate sun protection. I also learnt that you should always apply your SPF after your moisturiser and before make up.  25ml is £38.00

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Apologies for the length of this post but I learnt so much and wanted to share it all with you.

They aren’t currently holding any more ESPA facial workshops at Luton Hoo, but if I spot any more I will be sure to let you know.

Until next time breath in and relax


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