St Tropez Self Tan Purity Face Mist- my review

Tro N 1

I am always on the hunt for a fake tan that can give me a bronzed glow, especially one I can use over night on my face. Each morning when I wake up with a bit of colour on my face I instantly feel more energised , positive and ready to start the day. The colour gives me confidence and even if I am still a bit tired I feel it helps to disguise that fact.

When I saw this tan appear on Instagram by other beauty bloggers I was intrigued. I have tried St Tropez body tans before and have been a fan but have been put off my the price tag. However I felt the risk of turning into an orange faced fake tan disaster was lessened by entrusting their brand and their new fake tan face mists, plus it was on offer in Boots!

The first thing I fell in love with was the scent of this product. Light, fruity and not what you would expect from fake tan. When you spray it across your face you are not only tanning but also giving yourself a sensual well being moment with the uplifting and vitalising scent.
tro 1

On first use I must admit I wasn’t too impressed. I ended up with big brown patches on my neck and my arm. I was confused by how this had happened as the spray was light and comes out evenly, or so I thought. It did put me off so I stopped using it until the patches lightened. On second attempt it happened again and I was disheartened and confused since so many other beauty bloggers were raving about it being even.

Determined not to be defeated I re-looked at my technique. Before spraying I decided to shake the product even more than I had been and then sprayed immediately all over my face. I did take precautions too by covering my arms in a towel. This new technique was a success! I awoke to a natural looking tan with no dodgy patches. Hooray I cried, as I really wanted to like it because of the scent and the fact it doesn’t transfer and discolour your bed sheets.

st tro.jpg

Upon a few more applications I no longer need to cover my arms with a towel and I get a natural even glow on my face every time.

Would I buy it again, yes, but probably only when it’s on offer. It is £22.00 but at Boots at the minute it is 1/3 off at £14.67

Do you have any facial fake tans you recommend that I try?

Until next time breath in and relax


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