Wellness Wednesday – My top tips for working from home


Working from home can always seem like a great perk and most of the time it really is, however over the past 5 years of doing it myself I have learned that is can also have its challenges. I wanted to share some of my routines, tips and advice to ensure you enjoy it as much as I do.

Set you alarm earlier then you want to.

My husband has to 41454261_237201623634160_8941169552813719552_nget up earlier then I do for work but rather then lie in I get up with him and start my day over 1.5hours before I am due to start work. This time is crucial for getting me ready for the day ahead. I head out with the dog every morning for an hour. Not only is this good for the dog but it helps me wake up, get vitamin D and fresh air. I also meet a group of fellow doggy walkers so I get personal interaction which sometimes working from home can restrict.



Having a proper dedicated work space is really important. In my first house I didn’t have the luxury of space to be able to do this so I worked from my sofa. It wasn’t ideal it gave me back ache, make me feel lethargic and challenged my motivation. In hindsight I should have bought a fold up desk and chair which I could hide away each day. I also worked from my lounge which meant at the end of the day when I wanted to relax I was still sat in my work space. Fast forward 2 years and I now have two work stations. One in the second bedroom for the cold winter months which consists of a fold up chair and desk facing the window so I can enjoy the view of the garden and one in my summer house for the sunnier months. I love both of them as I can close the door at the end of the day and not be surrounded by my work things when I want to relax of an evening.


You may think this is bad for the diet but not all my treats are edible. I use treats as rewards to break up the day and to help motivate me. I set myself a time I want to achieve a task by and if I do it I get a treat. Whenever I tell people I work from home they nearly always say I don’t know if I could be that motivated. I can see why people struggle, I am lucky in that I like my job and that gives me the motivation, but at the end of the day I am only human and I do get demotivated. The treats I use could be a nice coffee from my coffee machine, a play with the dog in the garden, plucking my eyebrows, using a nice hand cream, watering my plants or prepping dinner. I also use treats to break up my day and get me away from the screen, I try and take a 10 minute break every 1.5 hours to give my eyes a rest.

Lunch time

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice lunch. Make sure you stock your fridge up so you look forward to lunch. I have got into homemade soups lately, spicy cauliflower is currently my favourite. I also try and get out the house at lunch time, hit the gym, do the food shop or walk the dog. This also helps motivate me as I am achieving jobs which are on my personal to do list.


You Mal 19may not see your colleagues as much as you would if you worked in an office but pick up the phone and have a catch up. It doesn’t have to be long but it helps with team morale and if you are like me and like nattering to people about your holiday plans or what you did at the weekend you will find it helps with the loneliness home working can bring.







I used to work for a radio station and the office was always busy and noisy. The radio played everywhere even in the toilets! Since working there I have struggled to work in silence, I find myself much more motivated with background noise. I therefore have the radio or TV on it the background. This obviously doesn’t suit everyone but for me it works!



Do you work from home? Any top tips? I would love to hear them.

Until next time breath in and relax.

One thought on “Wellness Wednesday – My top tips for working from home

  1. Good tips. I’ve worked from home for several years (also used to work in a radio station!) I would add: a comfy chair as part of the workspace and to make sure you give yourself a proper stop work time so you don’t end up working all the time! It’s so tempting to just keep tinkering away when your workspace is at home.

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