Life Update

45478368_250740998953261_5516271642101153792_nFirstly I wanted to apologise about the lack of posts lately it has been a busy few months and life  has got in the way of blogging. However it isn’t all doom and gloom as we are moving house (fingers crossed) , hopefully by the end of the year.  It is super exciting but with every move there is lots of disruption, anxiety and stress. I have been trying to remain calm and focus on my wellbeing to ensure I don’t get overwhelmed.



I therefore wanted to share a few things I have been doing recently  to manage the  that wanted to share with you:

– Running again. The thing I find about running is that you can fall out of love with it as quickly as you fall in love with it which is why I stopped 2 years ago until now. I had been struggling to fit in gym sessions alongside keeping the house super tidy for viewings, walking the dog, working and general life. I love to exercise to help me unwind and keep up my motivation when  working from home.   I therefore found myself looking for an alternative to the gym session that would give me the same benefits whilst helping me maintain all the other demands on my time. Hence back to running. I do however now run with my dog, its great for him and me and kills two birds with one stone. Obviously my fitness was not as good as when I was running previously but I am slowly getting it back which feels great.


– Getting organised. As you may have seen over on my instagram stories last week I am trying to get ahead of the game and get organised. I don’t want to leave everything to the last minute therefore I am trying to have a clear out before we start packing. I started this off with my skincare cupboards in the bathroom which was actually quite therapeutic and I even found some skincare I am yet to try.


– Blocking out time. I am used to booking myself up with social events weekends in advance and am a bit guilty of saying yes to everything. However with the move looming I have decided to take back some control and have blocked out whole weekends in our diary to allow time to sort and get organised. Just having this breathing space blocked out has made me feel calmer and more in control.

– Looking after myself. I have been breaking out in a lot more spots recently and I think that has been down to stress and not drinking enough water. With being a busy bee I totally forgot to keep my H20 levels up and stopped drinking the normal 3 litres I drink a day. I am now making a conscious effort to revert back to before even if it does mean I have to pop to the ladies every hour!

With this exciting new chapter however I hope to be able to get back into my spas, wellbeing and skincare updates. I have a spa treatment booked for next Friday which I am very much looking forward to, I am having Elemis Superfood facial, anyone tried it?

Until next time breath in and relax



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