Life Update and What I got for Christmas

A belated Merry Christmas!

Firstly apologies for the silence on the blog and thank you for sticking with me, it has been a crazy few weeks moving house and settling in. We are now all unpacked and I even have a new dressing room which is super exciting, it is great place to store all my skincare.

I also embraced the change and went for the chop. Just before Christmas I had 3 inches cut off my hair and I love it. Shorter hair is definitely more manageable and easier to style. I have even dug out a hair tool which I haven’t used in years, the Babyliss New Big Hair hot roller brush which adds volume and style. I recommend!

It is great to get back to trying new skincare, spa treatments and planning ahead for 2019.

I was lucky enough to receive some skincare from my family for Christmas which I am excited to try with you in 2019. Here is what I have in my box to try:


There are some products which I have never tried before which I am really intrigued to test. I will of course report back. The first being these feet patches:

Have any of you tried these before?

Next up is this Vitamin C serum, it sounds super refreshing:

This Elemis toner my sister recommended. I have really got into spray toners as they help awaken your senses and I find them super invigorating:

49069620_744106012626412_8427791261519314944_nThen I got lots of new lotions and creams which all smell and look dreamy:

Champneys Shower Gel and Body Butter, The Sanctuary Body Butter, EOS Lip Balm and Hawaiian Tropic After Sun.

Also a super cute spa gift pack with cosey slippers:


Then last but not least one of my favourite face masks in a mini trio pack. 2019 is going to be a fun with trying all these new products. Did you get any skincare for Christmas that you have tried and recommend?

Until next time breath in and relax



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