New Favourites


54727992_310979729589451_3600137455472214016_nNivea Micellair

I haven’t really got on with Micellar waters before so when I tried this one I didn’t have high hopes. I have found them unexciting, dull on the skin, not very refreshing and not highly beneficial for my skin. Negative I know! This particular water I picked up as part of a Nivea skincare package from Boots in the New Year sales. It came alongside lots of other products I knew I would like so it was worth it. I didn’t touch it for a while but when I needed a gentle eye make up remover one day I picked it up out of my skincare storage and gave it ago. Upon first application I loved it. It was light, cooling on the skin, and incredibly effective at removing eye make up. It didn’t sting or make my eyes run… a huge win. It is reasonably priced so if you are on the look out for a new make up remover give it a go!

55485990_2293337560910190_2587527528788787200_nLoreal Dream Lengths Hair Mask

I got into using hair masks in my weekly routine a few years ago when I wanted to get my hair ready for my wedding. They tend to come in a tub and last for ages. I therefore haven’t chosen a new one for a while. As you know I am a fan of normal Loreal Conditioners so thought I would try one of their hair masks. I picked up this one… Ill be honest I am a sucker for pink packaging. As soon as I untwisted the lid I know this one was for me. The smell is gorgeous! A sweet scent fills the air when you open it and you can’t wait to get it on your hair. My hair has loved this mask and I have definitely noticed an improvement after using it for the past two months.

55860909_2410249129009951_6784510093732872192_nNivea Rhubarb and Raspberry Silk Mousse

This shower wash was in the same pack as the Micellair water and was a bargain in the sales. I wouldn’t normally buy shower wash that comes in a mousse can as it can be a bit fiddly when you have wet hands in the shower and they tend to be more expensive than other shower washes. But since I got this one in the pack I thought I’ll give it a go. It is super soft and smells sweet on the skin and I have really enjoyed using it. Warning….. this is not the same as shaving mousse, it won’t give the same results. I always use hair conditioner for shaving (a top tip for you!).


55539177_867991706899583_3413203612413722624_nCoconut Dry Shampoo

Coconut scent just seemed so timely as the spring sunshine has started to make an appearance. It refreshes my hair and is perfect or my blonde hair.

Have you tried any new products lately?

Until next time breath in and relax,


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