Pregnancy stretch mark skincare

During my pregnancy I was keen to not let my skincare regime deteriorate. I knew I would have to adapt and change elements however due to my changing body shape and hormones.


Getting Stretch  marks was one major concern of mine since I was prone to them in my teens especially on my thighs. With my ever impending changing body shape I tried a number of products on the market. I wanted a product I could use every day after a shower on my thighs, bum, tummy and boobs.


* it is important to note that not all stretch marks can be prevented and some people are very prone or have family history which may make them more likely to get them.

Here is what I tried and what I thought of them:

Elemis Japanese Camellia Body Oil

£40 – 100ml

E5AC5E73-F73D-4D12-9BE1-7749178A6A51I was given this oil by my sister who had tried it during her pregnancy. It was by far my favourite body oil during pregnancy. Unlike the others below it smelt gorgeous and reminded me of being in a spa, it soaked in quickly so you could dress straight away and it gave excellent coverage for large areas. Although on the pricier side it is well worth it as this one bottle saw me through the last 6 months of pregnancy.

Bio Oil Gel

69CD2095-EF62-403B-854E-2BF4A8E527E4I had tried normal bio oil before on scares which worked well but sometimes I found it a bit too greasy to use on wide areas of skin and it is fairly expensive so I decided to opt for the slightly cheaper bio oil gel. My first observation was it does not smell like bio oil nor does it have a pleasant scent. Therefore when smothering your body in it you didn’t get the uplifting leave behind scent. It was also fairly greasy but did soak in quick then normal bio oil and it’s coverage was better then the normal oil. Would I use it again… probably not and that’s mainly because of its smell.




Life update… a new addition!


Hi Everyone!

I hope this blog post finds you well. My sincere apologies for the radio silence, the last 10 months have been a real whirlwind and my blog has had to take a back seat for a while, however it was for the most magical reason.


I would like to introduce our new addition Alfred who was born on 02.02.2020. He is the most precious and gorgeous soul. As you can see he is already a fan of snuggling up in a robe like his Mum.


He was the best gift after what was a pretty tough pregnancy and labour. I was extremely sick and fatigued during a lot of my pregnancy and my labour was extremely harsh on my body. I am keen to share some blog posts over the next few months about how I managed during my pregnancy, what products I used and treatments I tried in case you find any of these useful.


I even managed to visit a couple of spas which I will also tell you all about.


081BF13A-89CE-47F6-8CC6-DFE26B834B88Motherhood is such an adventure so far but I am loving every second of it. I am getting to know and figure out Alfred more and more each day and work him into a little routine. My skincare regime however has definitely had to reduce slightly to squeeze in between feeds but I’ll be sure to share how I am managing and what key products I try to make the most of every day.


If you have any recommendations of skincare that helps tired eyes do let me know!

Until next time breath in and relax





Ellenborough Park – Spa Review

This spa break was a surprise treat from my husband to celebrate my Birthday and our first wedding anniversary (he’s knows me so well). Not only had he chosen a spa but also a spa located in one of my favourite parts of the UK, the Cotswolds. It’s quaint, serene and laid back nature makes it a perfect calm place to retreat to.



As we turned off the main road and through the hotel gates I instantly knew I was going to like this place. The long sweeping drive up to the historic hotel with beautiful old trees littering the way it was instantly calming. The interior of the hotel, the friendliness of the staff and the landscape was charming.

Once checked in my husband informed me he had already booked me in for a full body massage (I knew there was a reason I married this man!) . We made our way to the spa area to have a quick dip in the hot tub before my treatment.

The spa is not big, but it’s beautifully done. The changing rooms are zen and robes and slippers all included.

The inside of the spa includes a hot tub, sauna, steam room and rain showers surrounded by loungers. Up stairs there is a juice bar and quiet room which has magazines, comfy chairs and flavoured water. Spa music floods the place and it’s very relaxing.


The main pool however is outside… but don’t panic it’s heated! It’s located in the beautiful grounds and on a sunny spring afternoon it was fantastic for an afternoon dip.

My massage was divine, focusing on all my problem areas. The oil however wasn’t scented which was a bit of shame. They use Ishga products, not a brand I had heard of before. In the treatment room however something I did love was the music. Rather then spa music it was Ibiza chill. I am a big fan of Ibiza so I loved this subtle change in music. After my treatment I was shown to the relaxation room, a touch I always love at a spa as it helps you adjust to life again after being so zen.

Overall it’s not the biggest spa and is lovely for an afternoon or two of chilling but not a full day. I think you can do an afternoon tea and spa package which would be a fantastic balance. The food at the hotel was super!

Until next time breath in and relax


What I got for my Birthday!


My friends and family know me so well, and you guessed it, I was gifted lots of skincare for my Birthday. Some of these I have tried before but equally lots of them are new products for me to try and then tell you all about. I feel lots of pamper evenings coming on!

Here are some of the treats they kindly gave me.

Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream with SPF


This cream has been on my wish list for years but I have never felt like I could justify the price tag. So when I unwrapped this on my Birthday I was super excited. Every spa I have been to that stocks Elemis products has recommended it to me and I have heard rave reviews. Apparently, you don’t need to use a lot each time so fingers crossed it will last a while.





Sephora masks


My dear friend thought of me on her recent trip to Italy and raided Sephora with skincare and haircare treats for me. I have never tried a rubber mask or a hair mask like this so really looking forward to trying these. I have already used the lavender foot masks… they smelt divine and left my feet super soft.

Elemis Cleansing Oil


This cleansing oil is one of my all time favourites. I have only ever had a mini bottle of it, as a little goes a long way, but my sister in law kindly gifted me a new bottle ( a big one yiphee) which has replenished my stock of this cleanser.

Superdrug Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser

57325206_306072736956026_5944169767693713408_nThis present from my dear cousin was perfectly timed as I have just finished the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. I have been keen to try a new drug store priced hot cloth cleanser so I am excited to try this. I will be sure to let you know how it compares!




Elemis Calm Bath and Shower Oil

57291166_583173528870247_1918148139743707136_nThis is definitely a real treat. A very luxurious shower and bath oil. It is duel purpose product so you can use it in the bath (it does create bubbles!) or directly on your skin in the shower.

It smells incredible!




Charcoal sock pack

57094327_814210772278667_4206439198166614016_nI have tried sock packs before but not a charcoal one so I am interested to see how this one compares. Perfect for getting my feet ready for summer shoes.


JiiNJU masks


I have a collection of three masks which all sound really intriguing. All of which I have never tried before, a gold mask, egg white sheet mask and ginseng and eucalyptus under eye masks. Keep an eye out on my Instagram stories as I am sure these will make me smile to try with you.

I was beyond spoilt, a very lucky lady. I can’t wait to try them all with you and let you know what I think.

Until next time breath in and relax,


New Favourites


54727992_310979729589451_3600137455472214016_nNivea Micellair

I haven’t really got on with Micellar waters before so when I tried this one I didn’t have high hopes. I have found them unexciting, dull on the skin, not very refreshing and not highly beneficial for my skin. Negative I know! This particular water I picked up as part of a Nivea skincare package from Boots in the New Year sales. It came alongside lots of other products I knew I would like so it was worth it. I didn’t touch it for a while but when I needed a gentle eye make up remover one day I picked it up out of my skincare storage and gave it ago. Upon first application I loved it. It was light, cooling on the skin, and incredibly effective at removing eye make up. It didn’t sting or make my eyes run… a huge win. It is reasonably priced so if you are on the look out for a new make up remover give it a go!

55485990_2293337560910190_2587527528788787200_nLoreal Dream Lengths Hair Mask

I got into using hair masks in my weekly routine a few years ago when I wanted to get my hair ready for my wedding. They tend to come in a tub and last for ages. I therefore haven’t chosen a new one for a while. As you know I am a fan of normal Loreal Conditioners so thought I would try one of their hair masks. I picked up this one… Ill be honest I am a sucker for pink packaging. As soon as I untwisted the lid I know this one was for me. The smell is gorgeous! A sweet scent fills the air when you open it and you can’t wait to get it on your hair. My hair has loved this mask and I have definitely noticed an improvement after using it for the past two months.

55860909_2410249129009951_6784510093732872192_nNivea Rhubarb and Raspberry Silk Mousse

This shower wash was in the same pack as the Micellair water and was a bargain in the sales. I wouldn’t normally buy shower wash that comes in a mousse can as it can be a bit fiddly when you have wet hands in the shower and they tend to be more expensive than other shower washes. But since I got this one in the pack I thought I’ll give it a go. It is super soft and smells sweet on the skin and I have really enjoyed using it. Warning….. this is not the same as shaving mousse, it won’t give the same results. I always use hair conditioner for shaving (a top tip for you!).


55539177_867991706899583_3413203612413722624_nCoconut Dry Shampoo

Coconut scent just seemed so timely as the spring sunshine has started to make an appearance. It refreshes my hair and is perfect or my blonde hair.

Have you tried any new products lately?

Until next time breath in and relax,


Happy Birthday White Robe and Slippers!

person holding inflatable decor
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This past year has gone by as quick as a fast drying face mask and it has been a great journey of discovery. As you may know I started my blog to share my passion for skincare, wellbeing and spa reviews. It has gifted me with the opportunity to open up conversations with you all which has been incredible.

Hay 6

One of the biggest heart-warming moments of the past year is how welcome I have been made in the skincare community. There are so many likeminded people who have shared their enthusiasm, tips, and product recommendations with me for which I have been so grateful.

Here are some of my favourite posts from the past year:

My Wedding Day

wed 1

Maldivian spa

Mal 19

Learning about skincare

espa 5

Some of my favourite discoveries

My favourite skincare discovery was…. The Elemis Cleansing Oil

My favourite spa was…     Velassaru Resort Spa

The best thing I did for my wellbeing was…. Part taking in home Yoga and Barre classes

A few more first year highlights

Thank you for all your support and engagement it has meant so much. I can’t wait to continue my White Robe and Slippers journey, who knows what I will discover in the next one!

Until next time breath in and relax,


Winter Skincare


Snuggled up under a blanket with your comfies on? Ditto! Hibernating this winter with hot chocolate, log fires and Netflix has been dreamy hasn’t it. But not necessarily for our skin.

The mixture of central heating and cold wind can take its toll so here are my top changes to my routine for winter:


As you know I have been using serums in my skincare regime for the past 6 months and I have noticed a big difference in my skins appearance. Normally in the winter if my skin felt dry I would just keep putting on moisturiser on but with the serums it helps lock in the moisture for longer.



I used to be concerned about exfoliating in winter as I thought this would dry my skin out more however it has done the exact opposite. It has reinvigorated my skin and stopped it feeling tight and dry. I find myself having to exfoliate 3 times a week.



We know drinking water is imperative for our skin but I also how we use water on our skin is too. I used to love scorching hot showers in the winter, but this winter ,mainly sparked by a move to a new house where the water doesn’t get as hot, made me realise that wasn’t good for my skin. I now have warm showers and my skin is less itchy, red and dry.



This is obviously a key step in my skincare regime however I try and make sure I do this immediately after a shower or washing my face. Delaying moisturising even for a short time just increases your risk of dry skin.



Foot masks

Our feet hardly get a glimpse of day light in the winter but we still need to look after them. I have been using moisturising sock boots to keep them nourished and soft. You can pick them up for only a couple of pounds and the affects last a good week.


Balm tissues

When battling the sniffles I always try and use balm tissues, the difference to normal tissues is very noticeable when you nose doesn’t turn as red.

Are there any skincare routines you change up for Winter?

Until next time breath in and relax